AirPods 3 Final Design, AirPods Pro 2 & iPhone 13 Leaks!

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Massive AirPods 3, AirPods Pro 2, iPhone SE 3 & iPhone 13 Leaks! AirPods Pro 2 stemless design, iPhone 13 Pro Portless & Touch ID details, 2021 iMac design, Apple March event, MagSafe battery pack, 240Hz displays & more!
LIMITED STOCK: Phone Rebel Gen-2 Rebel cases! Strongest MagSafe system in ANY case for $42.99. Get yours now:

Concept Creator (Designer of AirPods 3 & Pro 2 models): CConceptCreator

Moon Charge
Moon Charge 12 jam yang lalu
I got my at IPLAYPODS,CO year ago. They are still awesome and they now have new one iplaypods pro i will buy 2 because of quality. Best pods i have ever used. My Recommendation.
Fernando Cee
Fernando Cee Jam Yang lalu
Ewww fake
Zayuhhh T †
Zayuhhh T † 2 jam yang lalu
S P 12 jam yang lalu
great pods out there. I got them to there.
Michael Morales
Michael Morales 15 jam yang lalu
Is there a release date?
TechKid 19 jam yang lalu
I mean I love that they're trying their best but is it real is all I care. Not saying they clickbait or anything like that.
Jaidon Morrell
Jaidon Morrell 22 jam yang lalu
Hell the pros sucks they need to stop there
peepeepoopoo Hari Yang lalu
Are you kidding me
Elijah Davis
Elijah Davis Hari Yang lalu
I ask for a headphone jack and they take away my charging port😔🤔
Pretty Gang
Pretty Gang Hari Yang lalu
Shit looks ugly
Acclant 2 hari yang lalu
Damn rip
m9_14 2 hari yang lalu
ayo slow doiwn im here with a ipgone xr and airpods gen 2 smh
Twiiter Twitter
Twiiter Twitter 2 hari yang lalu
ooooooo i wish they would! red would be hot. red is always hot.
OPowen109 2 hari yang lalu
Who’s listening to this on older airpods
HOUR HOUR 2 hari yang lalu
I just bought AirPod pro 🥲🥲
Axel Ambrocio
Axel Ambrocio 4 hari yang lalu
I’m so confused bc didn’t they already come ouy
Siebe Leurink
Siebe Leurink 4 hari yang lalu
Would be dope if it didn't cost way too much... For now Sony and Bose seem like the best options with their old models:(
boobby143 gmail
boobby143 gmail 4 hari yang lalu
Release date?
qulpe 8 hari yang lalu
My god these airpods look like shit
Official Tony Koma Sweden
Official Tony Koma Sweden 8 hari yang lalu
Just add a swipe up / swipe down gesture for volume; pleeeease, how hard can it be?
Will Trill
Will Trill 9 hari yang lalu
Anyone knows when the battery case should be releasing
Free My Jiggers
Free My Jiggers 9 hari yang lalu
cant wait for the cheap airpods
Glamorousyeri Rv
Glamorousyeri Rv 10 hari yang lalu
So what month do y’all think they’re gonna drop AirPods 3
Bruv 11 hari yang lalu
no need for 240hz on a phone
Bruv 6 hari yang lalu
@UC2LLg5H4M10tVjSo-8gVWRg apple finna charge you like crazy for a 240hz display and just imagine how fast the battery will go down
Tarek Atig
Tarek Atig 11 hari yang lalu
Bruvvv what happend wtf the right earpod on left side of the case why
Tenisha Scott
Tenisha Scott 12 hari yang lalu
They should create a feature where you can locate your AirPod case with the find my iPhone app 🤩 I’m always misplacing my airpod case
Mehrdad Mohammadi
Mehrdad Mohammadi 13 hari yang lalu
Very nice
Renzo Dela Cruz
Renzo Dela Cruz 15 hari yang lalu
It would be better if apple makes the airpods earwax resistant lol
Parth Gupta
Parth Gupta 16 hari yang lalu
Should I wait for airpods pro2 or should i buy the airpods pro ???
theBro55 14 hari yang lalu
I’m on the same boat lol. My gen 1 air pods hit the hay already. I don’t know if to wait or buy the pros now. I really want them in black. They get too dirty.
Photograph Inc
Photograph Inc 16 hari yang lalu
I swear we just got the iPhone 12! being an Apple fanboy is becoming even more expensive than it already was.
Renzo Dela Cruz
Renzo Dela Cruz 17 hari yang lalu
We need apple to release new airpods with noise canceling that are affordable for kids who are struggling in distance learning due to distractions...
Bacon Is cool
Bacon Is cool 18 hari yang lalu
Laugh out loud already leaks for iphone 13
NOSA 20 hari yang lalu
Awe Dee.0
Awe Dee.0 20 hari yang lalu
11:47 isnt that when the next sars pandemic supposed to happen???
Masterblaster 20 hari yang lalu
why do the Airpods pro 2 remind me so much of Marvin, the depressive Robot😂
Fabian Bakker
Fabian Bakker 20 hari yang lalu
Wait April? Nice!
Cassandra Jaqueline Quiroz De la Rosa
Cassandra Jaqueline Quiroz De la Rosa 20 hari yang lalu
We need the new airpods now!! My airpods don’t work anymore, the battery dies so fast
Chris Gomez
Chris Gomez 22 hari yang lalu
Hate those fkn tips kn the air pod pros
beanX21 22 hari yang lalu
Damn it, I just got the iPhone 12 last week and the 13 is already coming
AC Collection
AC Collection 23 hari yang lalu
*Great video!*
Saurya Patel
Saurya Patel 24 hari yang lalu
U should ask apple if they want to sell the gen 2 cases and do a deal with them
StylZ 24 hari yang lalu
Should I buy the AirPods Pro or wait for AirPods 3
Jacob Marsteller
Jacob Marsteller 24 hari yang lalu
I liked the design of the original AirPods
Mofarih ً
Mofarih ً 24 hari yang lalu
Apple we need an app for airpods
Real_Talk 816
Real_Talk 816 25 hari yang lalu
Pretty the same and won’t stay in your ear. Who would have thunk it.
c Lok
c Lok 26 hari yang lalu
I love the aspect ratio of this video.
Brandi 26 hari yang lalu
I can’t take you serious. I keep thinking you have a coat hanging off your head like a kid by the hood. The hat with the chair wings is distracting me 😂
Bubba G
Bubba G 26 hari yang lalu
AirPods Pro blow, Literally and figuratively they are decent for phone calls and some low-volume audio but not good for music unfortunately found out the hard way
L 26 hari yang lalu
Oh god... the no port thing is so smart from a security standpoint, but also such a pain in the ass for charging and jailbreaking...
Poultry Pants
Poultry Pants 27 hari yang lalu
I think they should actually keep the stem, it's easier to take out and it's easier to move around and only slightly bigger.
Rizky Ramadhan
Rizky Ramadhan 27 hari yang lalu
is it still worth to pick up airpods pro now?
Nevets 27 hari yang lalu
My wish from apple...that Siri can do everything for you on your phone with just voice commands. 🤔
Juan Saavedra
Juan Saavedra 27 hari yang lalu
The no noise cancellation did it for me Ima pass
Greg Derise
Greg Derise 27 hari yang lalu
Please come back. I miss you! 🙏
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez 28 hari yang lalu
You should do a video on the new Unc0ver jailbreak.
Lijey D
Lijey D 28 hari yang lalu
I want to hear your opinion on the AirPods Max. 🤔
Benthos Undercover
Benthos Undercover 28 hari yang lalu
dope shirt
bluepeng889 28 hari yang lalu
Looks like he quit IDpost again
jackal monkey
jackal monkey 28 hari yang lalu
And here I thought you finally gave up on your rumors
Reell Simon
Reell Simon 29 hari yang lalu
I really hope that the Airpods 3 will have ANC. Now I'm using the pro's but I don't like the in-ear. It doesn't hurt but I always feel them.
SpaceboyYT 29 hari yang lalu
Where are you EAP! I miss you!
iPhone X Pro and iTrain
iPhone X Pro and iTrain 29 hari yang lalu
that may that sounds dumb but i wonder if iPads with glas at the back we could charge them wireless as well
Petes place unboxing
Petes place unboxing Bulan Yang lalu
I miss seeing your updates on iOS man! I have to find some random IDpostr to explain what’s new and id rather hear it from you! Much love! Huge fan of your channel! 🤘🤘
Beys for the win
Beys for the win Bulan Yang lalu
Do a iPhone clone water test
Liu Cecilia
Liu Cecilia Bulan Yang lalu
This headset looks very good, very similar to a Naenka Lite Pro I am using recently, and very cost-effective.
Joan Osorio
Joan Osorio Bulan Yang lalu
You work for a dying company 🤣
Erase Every Trace
Erase Every Trace Bulan Yang lalu
انت فين يا عم مختفي ليه
Vance Arnold
Vance Arnold Bulan Yang lalu
Do you think you could make more videos
Vance Arnold
Vance Arnold Bulan Yang lalu
suman .P
suman .P Bulan Yang lalu
6G: It'll connect you to the internet, charge your phone and warm up your meal at the same time.
Jarrett Linnen
Jarrett Linnen Bulan Yang lalu
Where you @ man I’m waiting on you for these rumors of a new iPad mini
- Bulan Yang lalu
 user will see the first character
Watch Review
Watch Review Bulan Yang lalu
My man you have to do a case drop test on the 12 Pro Max. You are the only dude I trust! This is what Everything Apple pro thinks when he see’s this “ you wanna pay 15k for me to do the test bro!?!!?”
MASONNET Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine apple seeing you dying Edit: iPhone 13 could just use a pop up camera simple
mama poki and mama ruth ann
mama poki and mama ruth ann Bulan Yang lalu
I wish I Can have SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE ON MY BIRTHDAY 😢😢 because all you do in your video is just destroying a phones.. what if you try to give it to some people who can't afford to 😁😁😭😭😭😭
youcanfixit Bulan Yang lalu
your contents are very awesome sir you the one on youtube
youcanfixit Bulan Yang lalu
oh woow can you the price of this airpods 3
The Tactical Griller
The Tactical Griller Bulan Yang lalu
Dude what’s the story with phone rebel it says restock in March. March is almost over.
ssak9 x
ssak9 x Bulan Yang lalu
Its weird that ur not talking about the coming iPad Pro 2021
Job Celis
Job Celis Bulan Yang lalu
And just like that he’s gone again
Andre Hovsepian
Andre Hovsepian Bulan Yang lalu
Where are you applepro?
Kontroll3r Bulan Yang lalu
i just came back after not watching for 2 years and man when i heard "hey guys everything apple pro here"
Prajeet Domah
Prajeet Domah Bulan Yang lalu
Iphone 13 ❤️
Keerat Singh
Keerat Singh Bulan Yang lalu
Its been soo long he uploded a video .......
Daniel Bulan Yang lalu
They will have noise cancelling?
horrific rocket league
horrific rocket league Bulan Yang lalu
bruh i just got the airpods pro 2 days ago and now i see this in my recommended
RMwx Bulan Yang lalu You tell us one thing... then tell us another person confirmed it won't happen. The writing checks out.
Josh Quintanilla
Josh Quintanilla Bulan Yang lalu
So AirPods 3 is a confirmed to be a mash up of 2 and the pros and have noise cancelling. But Mark gurhman confirms AirPods 3 won’t have noise cancelation??? 😂
X-ALIYAN-X Bulan Yang lalu
Can i have a iphone please 🥺
EverythingApplePro E A P
EverythingApplePro E A P 28 hari yang lalu
Appreciate your comment, for further assistant w/s/a/p/p +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9
Thee GOAT Bulan Yang lalu
Wtf u weird
Ender Bulan Yang lalu
anyone know what happened to this guy ?
Jacob Drozhzhin
Jacob Drozhzhin Bulan Yang lalu
Nice channel name lol
David Spiel
David Spiel Bulan Yang lalu
Hope they remove the pinch and move it back to a tap on the pods
Will D.
Will D. Bulan Yang lalu
How would CarPlay work with portless iphone ??
LoitersquadE Gaming
LoitersquadE Gaming Bulan Yang lalu
I love my iPhone and MacBook Pro m1 , I want to continue to use Apple ecosystem tbh, got the mag safe charger and case, all I want is AirPods now
EverythingApplePro E A P
EverythingApplePro E A P 28 hari yang lalu
Appreciate your comment, for further assistant w/s/a/p/p +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9..
Rayyan Khan
Rayyan Khan Bulan Yang lalu
werent u verified?
Literally Bulan Yang lalu
6G will have 100 times the speed of 5G and you will have to sit on the cell antenna to have that kind of speed!
Canal Street
Canal Street Bulan Yang lalu
I won't subscribe until he says his name.
Thee GOAT Bulan Yang lalu
@Canal Street yes idk how its spelled tho
Canal Street
Canal Street Bulan Yang lalu
@Thee GOAT is it true?
Thee GOAT Bulan Yang lalu
It’s Phillip
StoneJayden 12
StoneJayden 12 Bulan Yang lalu
Hi I have an iPhone 6s and I want to update the look to look like a iPhone se 2020 in black and I don’t know how to house a iPhone and I like your videos
burger Bulan Yang lalu
@StoneJayden 12 he’s fake... I’ve known the real EAP since 2016 and the fake channel was made a week ago...
Haz226 Bulan Yang lalu
@StoneJayden 12 don’t trust him that’s it ...
StoneJayden 12
StoneJayden 12 Bulan Yang lalu
@Haz226 how do you know that I trust him
Haz226 Bulan Yang lalu
Don't trust this fake "EverythingApplePro E A P" he is a scammer.
EverythingApplePro E A P
EverythingApplePro E A P Bulan Yang lalu
Contact us on WhatsApp
TheIndianGuy Bulan Yang lalu
Why not msking videos
michael Pickering
michael Pickering Bulan Yang lalu
do look nice
Druhin Rathore
Druhin Rathore Bulan Yang lalu
I need the pro2 to come as soon as possible ..
EverythingApplePro E A P
EverythingApplePro E A P 28 hari yang lalu
Appreciate your comment, for further assistant w/s/a/p/p +1./6./5./1./7./2./4./9./0./8./9
Jehanzeb Ahmed khan
Jehanzeb Ahmed khan Bulan Yang lalu
11:50 damn those colours in the max id buy the emerald or twilight they looking fine
Ru Pe
Ru Pe Bulan Yang lalu
Come on man, we miss you... Where are you?
Yashvanth K n
Yashvanth K n Bulan Yang lalu
Sir iphone12 pro max and OnePlus 8 pro compair video Plz
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