aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Techwear ver. Dance Practice

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‘Black Mamba’ hits 100M views!
Thank you so much for your love and support💜
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Gxviino 4 jam yang lalu
Y’all all commenting that Aespa isn’t copying Blackpink, so much I can’t even see the comments that their saying their copying Blackpink lol
Gxviino 4 jam yang lalu
1:00 the ponytail though
laurissa 4 jam yang lalu
mygawd what they are dancing so hard its soooo satisfying
Berry Metin
Berry Metin 5 jam yang lalu
Damn.... fire the hairstylist, because those hair extentions are so obvious and cheap-looking.
Fath Penaflor
Fath Penaflor 5 jam yang lalu
Karina 😍
zenny p
zenny p 5 jam yang lalu
Yanti 6 jam yang lalu
Gillese really has long legs
Yanti 6 jam yang lalu
5th member : Karina's ponytail
Hediye Sirmen
Hediye Sirmen 6 jam yang lalu
Blackpink ve ıtzy keografileri benziyor ya
가인동인 6 jam yang lalu
Aerlyon 7 jam yang lalu
That's Kai backup dancer
MYteumezen 7 jam yang lalu
3M MYs?
Andie Mendes
Andie Mendes 8 jam yang lalu
Las amo ♥️
Bloo Valentine
Bloo Valentine 8 jam yang lalu
they should’ve taken winter’s extensions out😫😫 she would’ve looked hotter🥲
Tifa Tifah
Tifa Tifah 8 jam yang lalu
love their hair and costumes like this
auracle 8 jam yang lalu
Maybe if you all stop talking about other groups and appreciate their dance, this comment section will be in peace
BTS ARMY 8 jam yang lalu
Omg until now I thought ningning was the unnie not the maknae
luxuryrain 8 jam yang lalu
Does anyone else realize that black and red moon outfit on Jennie in D4 but in black and pink 0:21
Yanah Grace Trangco
Yanah Grace Trangco 8 jam yang lalu
If you love Blackpink, you can also love Aespa If you love Aespa, you can also love Blackpink You can love Blackpink without hating Aespa You can love Aespa without hating Blackpink If you're a Blink, you can also be a My If you're a My, you can also be a blink So stop the comaprison, respect and appreciate every members' uniqueness Blackpink 🤝 Aespa Blinks🤝Mys Btw I'm a Blink and a My. My bias from BP is Jennie and my bias from Aespa is Ningning💖💖💖
Ni Wayan Pini Arti
Ni Wayan Pini Arti 8 jam yang lalu
I think they kinda speed up the video a little bit?
Ni Wayan Pini Arti
Ni Wayan Pini Arti 8 jam yang lalu
This is what happened when they dance in comfortable cloths, not mini skirt :) please give them more outfit like this on stage :)
æspa stan
æspa stan 10 jam yang lalu
Hey you who's reading this please vot3 aespa on ROTY CATEGORY 10times per day. Let's lessen the gap. Don't lose hope , let's try our best for aespa.
Raiford Twana
Raiford Twana 10 jam yang lalu
Aespa and blackpink is nothing alike, they have their own style, and different songs, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AESPA, 🤗🤗
شوقا ستان مخققت العالم بجمالها الفتّٓان
شوقا ستان مخققت العالم بجمالها الفتّٓان 10 jam yang lalu
ياخي لطااافة لا توصف😭😭😭
Lampros Zarras
Lampros Zarras 11 jam yang lalu
Shining Star Industry
Shining Star Industry 11 jam yang lalu
They are on a NEXT LEVEL
Isabel lisa Ondre
Isabel lisa Ondre 11 jam yang lalu
I love chicas jajajajajaja más me gusta la primera los apoyaré
Hey ajinhos
Hey ajinhos 11 jam yang lalu
A Karina deu um murro na Winter 0:13
Sharom Ortega D.
Sharom Ortega D. 11 jam yang lalu
Dios, las amo tanto
Gracie B
Gracie B 11 jam yang lalu
Not comparing them to BP but I'm getting major Kill This Love vibes
Nicole 11 jam yang lalu
Stop talking about other groupa here
Mary Louise Laquindanum
Mary Louise Laquindanum 11 jam yang lalu
Giselle looking so chic and cute on that fit 😍
Samira El
Samira El 11 jam yang lalu
*NOT Every girl group with 9 girls is COPYING SNSD. *NOT Every girl group with 4 girls is COPYING BLACKPINK . Stop that is really boring sistar , 2ne1 was also 4 , no one then say blackpink copynig th3m but just with aespa ??
여니 11 jam yang lalu
윈터 미만잡
dxxder 11 jam yang lalu
taglaaaaamig pakitapakan ako pls😭😭
Juliana 12 jam yang lalu
Winter's solo at 2:21 is just so hypnotizing, she is gorgeous!
كاجومي هيوراشي
كاجومي هيوراشي 12 jam yang lalu
I love aespa 💘
I'M NCTZEN 12 jam yang lalu
I really like winter, I seem to be a fan........................
А 12 jam yang lalu
Hathor Min
Hathor Min 13 jam yang lalu
Se ven tan poderosas, la manera de marcar los pasos, las poses, toda la presencia tienen. Los vocales. Ésta canción y coreo son un vicio. Increíbles artistas. Destilan talento por los poros.
lovetaeyong 13 jam yang lalu
imagine this in suits
Mi Nice
Mi Nice 13 jam yang lalu
데뷔때부터 이미지가망가져버려서 솔직히 시작도전에..
Mark's Possibilities
Mark's Possibilities 13 jam yang lalu
Y'all I'm telling you æspa will be the biggest kpop girl group
정성원 14 jam yang lalu
함소원 조이 여름 태연?
T A E Y E O N 14 jam yang lalu
FIA & MIA 14 jam yang lalu
Plsss watch, subscribe and share our dance covers too Plss support us We are only beginners
Martin Woo Music
Martin Woo Music 14 jam yang lalu
YG have : Blackpink👀 Sm Have : Aespa👀 They're so perfect💙
JJ rmmrrja
JJ rmmrrja 14 jam yang lalu
My only complaint about this is that Giselle's screen time is so short. Also, I want her to have more lines.
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto 14 jam yang lalu
Diecow 14 jam yang lalu
now this is some good camera work
Nadia Oktavianda
Nadia Oktavianda 15 jam yang lalu
Ningning 😍😍😍
Okey Dokey yo! Is that true? Yess
Okey Dokey yo! Is that true? Yess 15 jam yang lalu
does the dance room have ac lol just curious
Kobe 12 jam yang lalu
for sure they have because it's SM. but i think they don't really use it since it's really cold in SoKor.
sæphiMY 15 jam yang lalu
is it necessary to put your fandom first before saying that u stan aespa?
Shiny Shownu
Shiny Shownu 15 jam yang lalu
Great job, girls!!!
·Toddynho da Jennie·
·Toddynho da Jennie· 15 jam yang lalu
i love you girls
·Toddynho da Jennie·
·Toddynho da Jennie· 15 jam yang lalu
aespa is super cute
·Toddynho da Jennie·
·Toddynho da Jennie· 15 jam yang lalu
eu tô muito viciada nessa música manooo
PotatosForEveryone 15 jam yang lalu
OMG Karina has the same shirt as cignature's Chaesol!!!
PotatosForEveryone 15 jam yang lalu
Pls next do a Pokémon version, everyone wants to see that
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto 15 jam yang lalu
Giselle😊😍i love you
Jenna Ahadi
Jenna Ahadi 15 jam yang lalu
Ah finally we could see the full potential of the choreography for the chorus. The hair whip, the drop down half split, the gaze. SM should've gone with this kind of costume in the first place for the choreography shoot
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto 15 jam yang lalu
Am I the only who can't take my eyes off of Giselle? She is so amazing and cute
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto
Dayana Vania Rodríguez Pinto 15 jam yang lalu
Omg Giselle is so perfect. Sm is lucky
Blue Cherry
Blue Cherry 15 jam yang lalu
SM finally gave them proper outfits for this song. 🙌🏻
Beer Blaxx
Beer Blaxx 16 jam yang lalu
nice 16 jam yang lalu
I AM 16 jam yang lalu
2:43 - 2:44 I lıke thıs dualıty~
davina aurellia
davina aurellia 16 jam yang lalu
winter i love you
Mahesa Sinar
Mahesa Sinar 16 jam yang lalu
They are look not really thin, but if i was in there i will look twice of them.
astrax 16 jam yang lalu
Why is no one talking abt 2:29? The choreography change fitted sooo well 🖤
Laplgh Pic
Laplgh Pic 16 jam yang lalu
Sunflowers 06
Sunflowers 06 16 jam yang lalu
Ayoo MYs di str3amingkan juga yang ini
MegaLuckyLeaf 16 jam yang lalu
I’m so Giselle biased it hit me like a truck recently
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 17 jam yang lalu
쪽쪽 17 jam yang lalu
다들 웃긴데 지젤이 제일 웃기다 아무리 생각해도 웃참성공 애리가 제일 웃김
Haura Jasmine
Haura Jasmine 17 jam yang lalu
Giselle= Jisoo=Momo=Yeri (buat yg paham aja😎)
Luna Myoui
Luna Myoui 17 jam yang lalu
Love these four
Himawari 17 jam yang lalu
Blessed that camareman 😭
Luiza H
Luiza H 17 jam yang lalu
Giselle stop bias wrecking me challenge
Anime lover
Anime lover 17 jam yang lalu
I used to hate Aespa due to bad rumors and I believed it but after i saw the Choreography and practices it changed my perspective so much now I love and stan them! Thank you Aespa for making me realize how wrong I was thank you truly. I will support you!! Please release more songs I will be tuned for it ! Thank you truly!
Rhoda Pajo
Rhoda Pajo 17 jam yang lalu
Ningning is like a version of joy😊😊
Han nah
Han nah 18 jam yang lalu
still trending in the philippines
Жумагул Шарапова
Жумагул Шарапова 18 jam yang lalu
Anime Feels
Anime Feels 18 jam yang lalu
So much love from WIZONE. Aespa is a wonderful group. Giselle you are my bias from the very starting of the teaser. I really like you personality and ofcourse in addition to beauty, rapping and dance. You are doing very well keep it on. I want to see your rap more since I really love your voice and style. You are 🔥 my gurl. Be healthy and safe and have a very very wonderful journey. Keep it in mind we are always supporting you as well as AESPA.
Halo There
Halo There 18 jam yang lalu
NingNing dye blue hair codes us,will comeback shortly ?
DETECTIVE OH SEHUN 18 jam yang lalu
Every kpop group has their different concepts so shut up
シminskzsz 18 jam yang lalu
when their outfits are in dark concept then there's Ningning in adorable pigtails 😭
박은성 18 jam yang lalu
지젤 귀엽다♡♡♡♡♡♡
Dwi Wahyu Nuzuliasih
Dwi Wahyu Nuzuliasih 18 jam yang lalu
Ayenshe Torres
Ayenshe Torres 18 jam yang lalu
Bortak Tayeng
Bortak Tayeng 18 jam yang lalu
Lee Siyeon
Lee Siyeon 19 jam yang lalu
Lucas Frey
Lucas Frey 19 jam yang lalu
that chorus drop has me gagging each and everytime
Halimi Tk
Halimi Tk 19 jam yang lalu
Сабина Маралбаева
Сабина Маралбаева 19 jam yang lalu
⟭⟬taekookerland⟬⟭シ 19 jam yang lalu
_İM bias ningning_
Sonia Catzzz
Sonia Catzzz 19 jam yang lalu
Giselle's hair looks so good and her dancing is fire!!!!!
JUNGKOOK JEON 19 jam yang lalu
It's Koya
It's Koya 19 jam yang lalu
Y O O J I M I M That's it. That's the comment. Bye.
стримьте суперм
стримьте суперм 19 jam yang lalu
shine stars
shine stars 19 jam yang lalu
I love giselle, she is so perfect
Chrisly Exo l
Chrisly Exo l 19 jam yang lalu
gusto ko nang pakasalan si giselle hoho
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