AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)

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Facebook: acdc
Instagram: acdc
Twitter: acdc
Director : David Mallet
Producer : Dione Orrom
Set Design : Peter Bingemann
Lighting Designer : Steve Nolan
Camera Supervisor : Barrie Dodd

Kevin Helgeson
Kevin Helgeson 20 menit yang lalu
I’m 25, and I was raised on AC/DC for as long as I can remember, this is exactly what I needed for a happy 2020, the rest can go fuck itself!!
Shim Gaming
Shim Gaming 30 menit yang lalu
Sad without Slade
Chris Phelan
Chris Phelan 35 menit yang lalu
You always know what you are getting with AC⚡DC, they never change. This is awesome 👍
Marco Nespoli
Marco Nespoli 42 menit yang lalu
1:12 not impressed
Austen Mann
Austen Mann 59 menit yang lalu
Goddamm acdc never changes 😂 this is why I've always liked em, they never sold out to the trendy sounds of the time, they just kept on rocking and smoking out them tube amps. Hell yeah
Aure Garza
Aure Garza Jam Yang lalu
Legends on film... 🎬
James Colimbo
James Colimbo Jam Yang lalu
R i p malcom yung
Serkan AYKUT
Serkan AYKUT 2 jam yang lalu
We need ZZTop style music videos... Forever AC💈DC, but also; sorry, not sorry 👻🇺🇸
M Jaeger
M Jaeger 2 jam yang lalu
can we get this as bonus track ? dog on the road .................. XD
Shaun Myall
Shaun Myall 2 jam yang lalu
Who says all ACDC tunes sound the same? This is classic ACDC and classic rock. Keep going boys.
Jim Lampert
Jim Lampert 2 jam yang lalu
old time rock!
Eldibs 2 jam yang lalu
I can listen to the whole album for free, and I still paid them to send it to me on CD. They earned it.
Matt Logsdon
Matt Logsdon 3 jam yang lalu
Best tune on the album!🤘🤘
RurouniK95 3 jam yang lalu
It's great to hear Brian Johnson back in AC/DC
frank newt
frank newt 3 jam yang lalu
Just fricking awesome , a trip into the past . Well done boys , Bravo !!
M.rafie Roslin
M.rafie Roslin 3 jam yang lalu
Survivor series 2020 anyone
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia 4 jam yang lalu
Amo demais
Ivan Arellano
Ivan Arellano 4 jam yang lalu
2020 no es una completa basura 🤘😎
Ryan Saiadaminhamente
Ryan Saiadaminhamente 5 jam yang lalu
Queria deixar aqui meus agradecimentos ao meu amigo Victor Lisboa por me fazer eu me interessar pelo rock novamente e em especial a essa banda incrível. Não sou fã da banda n faz nem um ano mas reconheço que o trabalho dos caras são muito bom e gosto muito deles por isso. Viva o AC/DC!!!
Luke Bartman
Luke Bartman 5 jam yang lalu
The Best thing that has happened all year..Thank You AC/DC
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 5 jam yang lalu
This 73 year old has more energy than Gen Z does
MWFE Wrestling
MWFE Wrestling 5 jam yang lalu
Rayn Wolfsbane
Rayn Wolfsbane 6 jam yang lalu
lol Phil looks so disinterested
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 5 jam yang lalu
That school boy never grows old
M D 7 jam yang lalu
venuspluto67 7 jam yang lalu
I think this is the first AC/DC song I've actually liked in 30 years.
Joe B
Joe B 7 jam yang lalu
I mean no disrespect to AC/DC by saying this but every time I hear this song, Cars by Gary Numan gets stuck in my head.
goodwill 7 jam yang lalu
So let me get this straight. Brian was 33 years old in 1980 when he made back in black.
MNSA Music & Entertainment
MNSA Music & Entertainment 7 jam yang lalu
AC DC still AC DC ,not like Panic At Disco to be Pop Band
Jimmythepin 7 jam yang lalu
Not Confirmed
Not Confirmed 8 jam yang lalu
My favorite part was when the music was playing
Adam Fuller
Adam Fuller 9 jam yang lalu
Haven't aged in 30 years. Top shelf, great to see Brian back in top form!
ken anderson
ken anderson 9 jam yang lalu
Still sounds great don’t he
Nick Renzo
Nick Renzo 9 jam yang lalu
Real fuckin music, not all that rap shit.
Diva Joker
Diva Joker 10 jam yang lalu
They 've created fucking music, don't you get goosebumps when the song starts, like 🤯LEGENDS
Patrick McQuillan
Patrick McQuillan 10 jam yang lalu
73 he sounds like he always did , his voice has not changed
Matthew Kramer
Matthew Kramer 10 jam yang lalu
Happy Thanksgiving!
Bill Frater
Bill Frater 11 jam yang lalu
Was surprised and sad to hear Cliff Williams KILLS ANIMALS or FUN.
Sebastian Marquez
Sebastian Marquez 11 jam yang lalu
y se salvo 2020 gracias a ac/dc!!!...quien se quedo con ganas de que la cancion fuera mas larga?..que gran banda!!!!..gracias ac/dc!!!!!
Ferds Garcia
Ferds Garcia 12 jam yang lalu
That school boy never grows old
Omar Ríos Calderón
Omar Ríos Calderón 9 jam yang lalu
His like bart of rock
Neil Duffy
Neil Duffy 12 jam yang lalu
Cannot believe these legends keep producing absolute rock, glad Brian is back. WHAT AN ALBUM
Sir Yàdāng
Sir Yàdāng 12 jam yang lalu
The second time listening to rock, AC/DC. This shit is fire! 🔥
ben white
ben white 12 jam yang lalu
So basically in a nutshell AC/DC is the best thing to come out of 20/20
Drummer Christian Hoffe
Drummer Christian Hoffe 13 jam yang lalu
Awesome song! Unique sound! Top!
Mastermind41 13 jam yang lalu
The fact that Brian Johnson sounds this good at 73 is fucking insane...
Kenneth Eklind
Kenneth Eklind 13 jam yang lalu
Great to have Phil Rudd back! The King!!!
Tobias Schattschneider
Tobias Schattschneider 13 jam yang lalu
Listen UNESCO. This Band is real world heritage!
Patrick Platt
Patrick Platt 13 jam yang lalu
2:16 I had the biggest smile Angus is legendary
CombatCompulsion DefeatDepression
CombatCompulsion DefeatDepression 13 jam yang lalu
Just brilliant!!
Electric Gamer
Electric Gamer 13 jam yang lalu
Best of the singers in my town is brian. DEFO!
Juan MartinezLeon
Juan MartinezLeon 13 jam yang lalu
best band ever
Fernanda Cunha
Fernanda Cunha 14 jam yang lalu
Meus amores voltaram ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kren Wregget
Kren Wregget 14 jam yang lalu
wake up kids.... this is called ROCK & ROLL and nobody does it better than AC/DC.
Gio NRJ Sanikidze
Gio NRJ Sanikidze 14 jam yang lalu
I FROM GEORGIA KUTAISI დავიქოქეეთ უმაგრესია
Gio NRJ Sanikidze
Gio NRJ Sanikidze 14 jam yang lalu
Markus Mozart
Markus Mozart 14 jam yang lalu
sebastian gomez valencia
sebastian gomez valencia 15 jam yang lalu
ac dc and iron maiden are the best
Stefano 16 jam yang lalu
02:16 SOLO
Vinicius Ferreira
Vinicius Ferreira 16 jam yang lalu
close to december things should be backto normal november:ac/dc releases an new album
gaston newells27
gaston newells27 16 jam yang lalu
Cómo dicen en mí país.. "viejos son los trapos"..
Roy Weatherby
Roy Weatherby 17 jam yang lalu
Angus needs to live forever to keep making these albums Hit it out of the park keep it up!
Scott Will
Scott Will 17 jam yang lalu
Monet most famous works was his earlier stuff. But his older stuff was way more interesting and intense
Jailbreak _79
Jailbreak _79 17 jam yang lalu
An AC/DC's academy can be an amazing idea to keep rock alive.
K. C.
K. C. 17 jam yang lalu
Damn, just like to old days! Love it!
Tommaso Acerra
Tommaso Acerra 17 jam yang lalu
OMG! a new song! everyone must leave like! I love angus 'cause he is so carzy!
Opa Nerd
Opa Nerd 18 jam yang lalu
Today complete 1 month clip was released!
Henry Goss
Henry Goss 18 jam yang lalu
Rock on, fellas.....As strong as ever!!!
Levity 18 jam yang lalu
brian came aboard the ACDC train when i was 6months old . the fact that they have been rolling out new albums my whole life is mindboggling . and im not sure even this is the last one. ..
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards 18 jam yang lalu
We have to get airbourne and AC/DC on the same stage before AC/DC retires for good
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 18 jam yang lalu
Legends Never Die!
Young California
Young California 18 jam yang lalu
This shit is garbage
GOMIANITA 19 jam yang lalu
The best thing I hear
Виталий 19 jam yang lalu
Старички 🔥🔥🔥
Timothy Carson
Timothy Carson 19 jam yang lalu
They been making the same album since the beginning.. outstanding!!
lee H
lee H 19 jam yang lalu
Seems clear to me what to buy for Christmas this year.
Bat Man
Bat Man 19 jam yang lalu
Loud, louder...AC/DC.
Mark Engel
Mark Engel 20 jam yang lalu
Just love the blues on this one, think Bon would give it a thumbs up! This is the style that this older dude likes most!
Ross Perry
Ross Perry 20 jam yang lalu
1983 tour Portland Oregon fucken awesome show 😎
ซีตีอามีเนาะ บือราเฮง
ซีตีอามีเนาะ บือราเฮง 20 jam yang lalu
เสียดร้องอันทรงพลัง ไม่เคยเปลี่ยน
Juan Cruz Mackeprang
Juan Cruz Mackeprang 21 jam yang lalu
I always listen to their tiredness
Miguel Rozo
Miguel Rozo 21 jam yang lalu
Rock n roll purooo y duroo
Lord Bishop Rocks
Lord Bishop Rocks 21 jam yang lalu
Thomas Tarwater
Thomas Tarwater 22 jam yang lalu
That should be Axl Rose.
Thomas Tarwater
Thomas Tarwater 22 jam yang lalu
Welcome back AC/DC! Your fans missed you. Love this song. A great band has returned, and Ask Rose has gone back to Guns 'N' Roses.
Tsvetoslava Popova
Tsvetoslava Popova 22 jam yang lalu
You are brilliant!!!
Deepak Gurung
Deepak Gurung 23 jam yang lalu
They should comeback with catchy songs and riffs but this song is average. Highway to hell and tnt was my favourite
J.R. Gaming
J.R. Gaming 23 jam yang lalu
You know what's better than the song itself.. After all these years they've not changed their sound
Robert Kley Lageano
Robert Kley Lageano 23 jam yang lalu
It took some time, but here it comes a new masterpiece from AC/DC!
Artur Silva
Artur Silva 23 jam yang lalu
Shot In The Dark , Yeah
Anton Paulic
Anton Paulic Hari Yang lalu
Thank you. The world needed this. Legends.
sante tramentozzi
sante tramentozzi Hari Yang lalu
"rock and roll never dies".........c'mon guys
Chris Samson
Chris Samson Hari Yang lalu
Shits all over the pathetic music today!
Bob Lee
Bob Lee Hari Yang lalu
Wow. A really fantastic track. What a surprise. Great stuff.
Mike Man
Mike Man Hari Yang lalu
Long Live Rock & Roll 🤘🤘
Андрей Петрович
Андрей Петрович Hari Yang lalu
Дай им бог здоровья!
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown Hari Yang lalu
man these guys are really holding up their end of the deal they made with the devil
Jon 90s
Jon 90s Hari Yang lalu
Indonesian Fans. We love AC⚡DC
Josh Timmerman
Josh Timmerman Hari Yang lalu
Is it just me or is the low end way too high?
rune watdefak
rune watdefak Hari Yang lalu
thanks for making rock n roll still alive
Simon Bailey
Simon Bailey Hari Yang lalu
Amazing. 73 years old, experimental prosthetic ear drums, and Brian sounds better than ever.
elio nicolai
elio nicolai Hari Yang lalu
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