300 Days alone... - The Movie

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Olivier Vittel

Olivier Vittel

2 tahun yang lalu

To tame a wild pig or build a shelter, Xavier Rosset, the swiss Robinson Crusoe, spent in 2008 almost 10 months on Tofua, an island in the Pacific Ocean with only a machete and a swiss knife as a tool, not using the obolete construction left by the last inhabitants.
It is a psychological true story between solitude and loneliness.
After 3 minutes, you won't be willing to leave your screen.

Ce film existe aussi en version originale française , Xavier explique dans sa langue maternelle ses souffrances et ses joies. Cette version est un peu différente de celle en anglais.
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robb 8 hari yang lalu
Alternative title: Man Wearing Crocs Has No Friends
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 13 jam yang lalu
@Olivier Vittel did you bring the dog home?...I hope you did
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Hari Yang lalu
Hi, Xavier Rosset is the adventurer, I only made the movie 👍
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Hari Yang lalu
@Barry Wolf sorry, I'm not
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Hari Yang lalu
Hi This was distributed on tv and private channels
jolie hicks
jolie hicks 3 hari yang lalu
wow i just hanged the likes from 1.2k to 1.3k, i feel a tad bit powerful
STRIIX 5 jam yang lalu
Watched it in 2018. Got it recommended again. Gladly watched it again!
John Loki
John Loki 5 jam yang lalu
Damn this is deep shout out to penny the pig or rip because she probably didn't make it
Favorit Anya geraldine
Favorit Anya geraldine 5 jam yang lalu
21:11 that food in indonesian called "tebu"
Dylicious 5 jam yang lalu
That volcano was awesome!!!
David Nito
David Nito 6 jam yang lalu
Tom Hanks from France
Morris Bukharue
Morris Bukharue 6 jam yang lalu
The aberrant employer expectedly alert because millisecond coincidently disapprove versus a scattered poultry. three, harmonious lock
oğuz öğke
oğuz öğke 6 jam yang lalu
So nature and absolutely the most original solo camping video i have ever watch.
Chrippe Bror
Chrippe Bror 6 jam yang lalu
Did u go back home with ur new dog or did u give him back?
Tormented_ 6 jam yang lalu
Did you take the dog back home with you? I understand if you didn't, the dog was raised on an island, bringing it to a city would be a huge change.
BeyondWrittenWords 7 jam yang lalu
300 days alone with many people
Parzival 7 jam yang lalu
mann i ll do this one day i am really want it
Mert Karabıkcı
Mert Karabıkcı 7 jam yang lalu
52 dakika çok çabuk geçti tebrik ederim mükemmelsin
Ryan Makarski
Ryan Makarski 7 jam yang lalu
The gaping duck secondarily race because draw comparatively phone apropos a square catsup. remarkable, perfect skiing
Paheemala 7 jam yang lalu
minecraft real life edition!
Angel56 Aldas56
Angel56 Aldas56 8 jam yang lalu
The best video I've seen in so long, I really loved this, I almost cried 2 times and I cried once at the end
RyRy XD 8 jam yang lalu
man did a 300 day hardcore 😂
Sonny McKenna
Sonny McKenna 8 jam yang lalu
Did this randomly pop up in your recommend
Tejvir 8 jam yang lalu
Hello, Great Video!
BeRsErKeR 9 jam yang lalu
wrist watch?
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel 9 jam yang lalu
Instruments et Mesures du Temps, Genève
Kameramannbruno _
Kameramannbruno _ 9 jam yang lalu
Eine Legende besagt, dass man dieses Video alle 300 Tage in seinen Recommendations findet.
Sebastian Flick
Sebastian Flick 9 jam yang lalu
This is basically me when i start a new minecraft world.
Kod Adı : Alfalar
Kod Adı : Alfalar 11 jam yang lalu
17 yıldır tek başımayım ben zaten bu ne ki
PRATAP NARAYAN SINGH 11 jam yang lalu
Great 👌 experience
Fawzi Adam
Fawzi Adam 12 jam yang lalu
Bruh that must have been a life changing experience for him .... i can't actually say that i want to try it
Jace Zhu
Jace Zhu 9 jam yang lalu
So what? You'd probably go insane without having wifi for 2 days.
Emmett Bowell
Emmett Bowell 12 jam yang lalu
this is fucking amazing
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton 13 jam yang lalu
French guy doesn’t get Baguette for 300 days straight.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 13 jam yang lalu
I think he love the pig more then he love the dog
Ederson ribeiro
Ederson ribeiro 13 jam yang lalu
O título muito sugestivo , porém não traz a realidade absoluta não está tão sozinho assim !
David Thorley
David Thorley 14 jam yang lalu
I have always like Tom hanks
DJ Chappie Exclusive
DJ Chappie Exclusive 14 jam yang lalu
why is it only 52 minutes ?
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel 11 jam yang lalu
Hi You may like to watch the episodes 👍
Khagen Barman
Khagen Barman 14 jam yang lalu
Awsome .....
Dromedda 14 jam yang lalu
37:45 : The Pig Whisperer
Dromedda 15 jam yang lalu
Alternative title: man alone on island get emotional support dog.
Volodymyr Vovk
Volodymyr Vovk 16 jam yang lalu
You are not alone on the island - you have a dog and a pig and people in the neighborhood. It was necessary to choose an island where no one is.
Tejvir 8 jam yang lalu
Shut up. You didn't leave your family in the city to do this so don't criticize him.
Uhhh 16 jam yang lalu
I imagine the dog is since dead, but I must ask, did you bring it home with you after this?
Uhhh 15 jam yang lalu
@Olivier Vittel awesome thank you very much for the response
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel 15 jam yang lalu
Hello Xavier returned Sugar to Lofi on the next island back then
Elias Niwert
Elias Niwert 16 jam yang lalu
How did he feed the dog?
Tejvir 8 jam yang lalu
through his mouth how else
yChxmp- 16 jam yang lalu
Vale6332 _
Vale6332 _ 17 jam yang lalu
Veruckte Cheib! Aber ich vesta wemmer uf all die nervesäge us de kennte Zivillisation kei Bock me het.
Anaz Az
Anaz Az 18 jam yang lalu
Kerala ⚡️⚡️
Dani_K 19 jam yang lalu
19:55 Pause here
Herr Wiener
Herr Wiener 20 jam yang lalu
bro at first i felt sorry for the pig loosing his mum but ngl i would have totally just eat it because this squeeking is so fucking annoying
RezonQ 20 jam yang lalu
Minecraft hardcore in real life
mob syr
mob syr 20 jam yang lalu
رائع شكرا على جهودك.
Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel 20 jam yang lalu
Stayed at your camp for three weeks in August 2016. Your name carved into the trunk is still there though parts of it has rotted away.
Blooper EEL
Blooper EEL 20 jam yang lalu
does this guy play rust you think?
Agustina -
Agustina - 20 jam yang lalu
Shaquille Zash
Shaquille Zash 21 jam yang lalu
why the fish didnt try to break free? its seems like its already dead.
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel 19 jam yang lalu
Tired You may want to watch the related episode with the fish moving
T. G.
T. G. 21 jam yang lalu
I Am Fowler
I Am Fowler 22 jam yang lalu
Does the electricity for the cam comes from a coconut palm?
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel 19 jam yang lalu
Hi, 01:10 solar panel and external battery
Peter Paul
Peter Paul 22 jam yang lalu
Definitely not a good idea to watch a 52 min video before bed...
Teodor Bratt
Teodor Bratt 22 jam yang lalu
I love the pig!❤️
Teodor Bratt
Teodor Bratt 22 jam yang lalu
Aqil -
Aqil - 23 jam yang lalu
When you played your minecraft server for 300 days and your new friend joins.
Brian Hari Yang lalu
what did the dog eat?
Soviet Union
Soviet Union Hari Yang lalu
What happen to the pig? Is it okay?
นัท ค่ะ
นัท ค่ะ Hari Yang lalu
Anne Cameron
Anne Cameron Hari Yang lalu
They have studied the land so he could make natural soap and wash in the water.
BreadCrumbs Qc
BreadCrumbs Qc Hari Yang lalu
Simplement Wow
Mohiuddin Ghazali
Mohiuddin Ghazali Hari Yang lalu
it all seems rather fake to me. several times he seems like he's talking to someone else and not at the camera. Where does he get the electricity/power to continue to record for almost 300 days? My phone batteries need to recharge everyday. this is 2008 with heavy cameras etc.
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel 19 jam yang lalu
01:10 👍
frrooti Hari Yang lalu
hu used his solar panel, he showed it in the video idiot
Lion Tour Adventure
Lion Tour Adventure Hari Yang lalu
APEX BLACK Hari Yang lalu
First of all my bro.. this is truth .. you did exactly what more people should try. I am preparing to do something similar in the future and this covid-19 is only helping me to realize this soon.
Anuxi Nuxi
Anuxi Nuxi Hari Yang lalu
Minecraft youtuber be like:
רפי בלולו
רפי בלולו Hari Yang lalu
Wow I hope someday I do this
SERAHD Hari Yang lalu
Which song would you say please 50:56
Tomce Mackovski
Tomce Mackovski Hari Yang lalu
what was the doggo eating on an deserted island? fish and coconut, or something else?
Andrea Graziano
Andrea Graziano Hari Yang lalu
Big up man
jesseツ Hari Yang lalu
TrixZonia Hari Yang lalu
20:00 whos this fella
SepuLturA Hari Yang lalu
Hell Brain
Hell Brain Hari Yang lalu
ОН :не так много рыбы, и мне нужно их КУРИТЬ. Я : НАМАНА
Alton Garcia
Alton Garcia Hari Yang lalu
He survived 300 days in hardcore real life.
حسون آل عوفي
حسون آل عوفي Hari Yang lalu
300 يوم وحده😂😂
WapitiAcht2777 Hari Yang lalu
i can still remember when it had less views, this video is a must watch.
Hashim alsmael
Hashim alsmael Hari Yang lalu
I was 4 years old when this was filmed damn, and yet I've watched the whole thing how tf did I watch the whole video Olivier I wanted to thank you for this video this is my second time watching it every time it gets recommended for me
Proboys Berlin
Proboys Berlin Hari Yang lalu
14.000 Dislikes?! Why? This documentary was great!
Kasen Wally
Kasen Wally Hari Yang lalu
Bummer about the shark - unnecessary to kill it - some sharks are endangered and regardless, they should be preserved wherever possible.
Mateusz Nowak
Mateusz Nowak Hari Yang lalu
Did he kill pig ?!!!!
oof the truth
oof the truth Hari Yang lalu
This man mastered no nut november
Wikd Hari Yang lalu
braindead silver elo, gold peaker fucking dogshiet player
Levi Brown
Levi Brown Hari Yang lalu
i want to do this like my commet if you want to join me
Wolf 144x
Wolf 144x Hari Yang lalu
There’s always those occasional gems on IDpost and this is one of them.
QIMERA Hari Yang lalu
300 days in hardcore minecraft
Even Luis
Even Luis Hari Yang lalu
The scrawny decrease architecturally reach because gum proximately need under a daily booklet. possessive, old mallet
Blaulicht Report Deutschland
Blaulicht Report Deutschland Hari Yang lalu
Super Interessant !!! #welldone #DANKE für s "teilen" Oliver
Shot2destroy 1
Shot2destroy 1 Hari Yang lalu
What’d he do for water?
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Hari Yang lalu
Hi, collecting rain water and water from the water tank near the old school
dennis Greevink
dennis Greevink Hari Yang lalu
and now people cant stay inside and go out to see friends. while this guy spend almost 9 months without anyone exept an dog
Finawe Hari Yang lalu
The pig tho
Максим Абрамов
Максим Абрамов Hari Yang lalu
Да проглотил он поросёнка
nisse haglund
nisse haglund Hari Yang lalu
alternative title: 300 days in hardcore life
Oliver H-S
Oliver H-S Hari Yang lalu
imagine he found a dinosaur fossil while digging that hole
SOLEdox Hari Yang lalu
Seeker NSK
Seeker NSK Hari Yang lalu
Good experience. What about the official status of residence on the island? Did he live there without a visa? Or what conditions could he have?
Seeker NSK
Seeker NSK Hari Yang lalu
@Olivier Vittel thanks
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Hari Yang lalu
Hi Xavier had a special one year visa
Oliver H-S
Oliver H-S Hari Yang lalu
the pinned comment is amazing
KiwiNinja Hari Yang lalu
My life every year
Tom Wolf
Tom Wolf Hari Yang lalu
ok, important question: what happen to the doggy?
Tom Wolf
Tom Wolf Hari Yang lalu
@Olivier Vittel that's great! thank you for answer! :)
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Hari Yang lalu
Hi Xavier gave Sugar back to Lofi on the next island 🏝
Naxo Hari Yang lalu
300 days alone? How is that right?
Mathis Lacroix
Mathis Lacroix Hari Yang lalu
Me in minecraft : survives 2 minutes Him in rl :
Dark Yellow
Dark Yellow Hari Yang lalu
That doggo is so fk cute
winstondarkbull Hari Yang lalu
Çok iyi be
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