3 days solo bushcraft - stove, canvas lavvu, table and spoon making

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Bertram - Craft and Wilderness

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3 days in the same camp in pine forrest in Denmark. Open the full video description for more information.
This is the long version of the video - here is the short version idpost.info/clone/video/fLzQrJt_tJXDvJs
Location: Denmark - previous viking country. West coast of Jutland - sand, big sea, spruce and pine forrest. Some of the most remote in Denmark, but a lot of people in Denmark so limited how remote it can get. A lot of birds and deer. No bears only a few wolves - nothing dangerous for campers. If you want to do the same in Denmark do you need to be the owner or get the owners permission.
Consuming: Water, pine tea, chaga tea, beer. Liver pâté on rye bread. Bacon.
Most asked quistions:
1. What tent are you using?
2P SOSWA made by TSCHUM tschum.de/product_info.php?info=p5_tschum-2p-soswa.html
2. What stove are you using?
POSHEHONKA BASIC S tschum.de/product_info.php?info=p10_poshehonka.html
3. What is the “black think” you are you drinking?
A fungus called CHAGA that makes a great tea.
4. What are you eating on the bread?
Liver pâté on rye bread (it’s a common think in Denmark).
5. Does the stove pipe not burn the tent?
No. The pipe section which touch the tent does not get hot. It’s insulated. The rest of the pipe gets way to hot and will burn you and the tent. You can use the same stove in plastic tents.
6. Who is making the video?
I am. I am alone and just moving around one camera on a tripod. Have 20 spare camera batteries.
7. Where can I buy that saw?
The saw frame is homemade from oak. You need to pay for custom work or make one you're self (I am not selling anything). Video about how to make the frame saw/buck saw frame on the channel.
Some of the gear used in the video:
1. Sweaters = unknown.
2. Carving tools = homemade axe, mora 106, Pfeil 8L 25mm and 7A 25mm
3. Pants = made by "Ridgeline"
4. Tent = made by "Tschum" 2p soswa
5. Boots = made by "Redback" original boots
6. Backpack = made by "Fjallraven" Kajka 65L
7. Sharpening stone = made by "Gransfors Bruks"
8. pot and kettle = made by "Eagle" 1.5 and 10 liters.
9. Gaiters = homemade
Video gear: Nikon D7000, Nikon 50 1.8, Røde videomacro, iMovie.

험프티 2 jam yang lalu
please use water instead of your biological liquid...
Toz Taneleri
Toz Taneleri Hari Yang lalu
yaş kesen baş keser...
Keko Kaya
Keko Kaya Hari Yang lalu
Minute 38 :/ will garnicht wissen was der alles mit nem vorschlag hammmer machen würde ..nen Baumspalten mit nem Beil geht anscheinend ..doch aber anstalt neBeil als Voschlaghammer zu nutzen kriegt er es nicht hin ,ne Keule aus Holz zu schlizen , Ach ist doch igeal er kriegt er wieder Werbe geschenke , schenke ein mein Freund :
蔡育峰 Hari Yang lalu
看影片真的有露營的療癒感 大自然的親切感 看了很放鬆 很自然 真的是好影片!
Виталий Чураков
Виталий Чураков 2 hari yang lalu
Не хочу никого обижать, но идти в лес с буржуйкой, это тоже самое что идти в лес со своим самоваром
Паша Фида
Паша Фида Hari Yang lalu
Эта сука живую елочку срубила, ему бы что-то отрубить 😒
Mr D Hughes
Mr D Hughes 3 hari yang lalu
Not the technique to hold a tree branch in one hand and swing an axe at your left kneecap with the other. Hopefully the tree you aim at stays in between the axe and your leg. I,m outta here..
Mr D Hughes
Mr D Hughes 3 hari yang lalu
From one bushcrafter to another. Use a dead tree for the tent bro . That’s a 6 year old tree at least cut for 3 days use. If all your subscribers did this like you we would have no forest left. All the gear, no idea. Leave no trace and reduce your impact. Hence the 2300 thumbs down .
Amiya 3 hari yang lalu
mmm pine needle tea. reminds of my days in the marines
owen pierson
owen pierson 4 hari yang lalu
I learn something new each video thanks. I’ve watched this one multiple times one of my favorite
Rick Brcka
Rick Brcka 4 hari yang lalu
He literally ate cooled bacon grease with a piece of bread. 😳
stas562 5 hari yang lalu
И чё?
Diego Espinosa
Diego Espinosa 6 hari yang lalu
Hola buenos videos diego
Skuy Living
Skuy Living 7 hari yang lalu
Ti'is ceuli, herang panon euy :h
solo Bushcraft
solo Bushcraft 8 hari yang lalu
B. Dániel
B. Dániel 8 hari yang lalu
Rák n roll! :D 1:01:03 U're going to need some mustard for that. :D
Allen Watkins
Allen Watkins 9 hari yang lalu
I don't understand the obsession these "bush crafters" have with making spoons. They all seem to do it...
Андрей Шнайдер
Андрей Шнайдер 10 hari yang lalu
Thanks! Your videos are simply incomparable. Thanks to you, I started going on solo hikes. I live in the Urals in Russia and our forests also attract lonely tourists. Such films blur the boundaries between countries and languages, and teach you to love our beautiful world and appreciate your life. One question! How long have you been sawing fallen trees with this tool?
Tenzin Daesel S
Tenzin Daesel S 13 hari yang lalu
You. Are handy men
Tom 13 hari yang lalu
i'm not from denmark what is that paste
MINOS 124 14 hari yang lalu
It's so peaceful I like it you learn by watching this is so amazing
Moh H
Moh H 15 hari yang lalu
glad I found your channel ,you are so tidy,i like that ..i show here calm and nature ..thank you 🤗🌷
YT CAMP CHANNEL 17 hari yang lalu
Thank you for making good movies on IDpost all the time.
Barış Ergül
Barış Ergül 17 hari yang lalu
caglar soyuncu
Rajib 17 hari yang lalu
That's football player
Hermit Moth
Hermit Moth 18 hari yang lalu
Found this after watching your newer videos. Man, you were so much less savvy back here; using matches and equipment you didn't make yourself. Nothing like the badass forest hermit we see today!
امير اخوباشه
امير اخوباشه 18 hari yang lalu
اذا اكو عربي يشترك في القنات امانه
Kazz Q
Kazz Q 18 hari yang lalu
Wow that was so amazing, keep up the great job Sir ! I love It subscribed !!
Pisha de Cai OÉ
Pisha de Cai OÉ 19 hari yang lalu
Muy verde veo a la madera para que arda tambien🤔
Donald Jones
Donald Jones 20 hari yang lalu
The natural multimedia finallly return because basement archaeologically bake notwithstanding a adhesive half-sister. undesirable, tidy farmer
rzepicha rzepicha
rzepicha rzepicha 21 hari yang lalu
hand make saw great
SickEnd 22 hari yang lalu
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, fine.
Mehmet Ali YÜKSEL
Mehmet Ali YÜKSEL 22 hari yang lalu
Kai Uwe Meyer
Kai Uwe Meyer 23 hari yang lalu
What's the point of that weird wood spoons? Yeah i know back to nature but and plastic is bad but come on
Adriano henrique Braga dos santos
Adriano henrique Braga dos santos 24 hari yang lalu
Top seus acapamentos sou do Brasil e gosto muito de assisti seus videos 👏👏
A M 25 hari yang lalu
Я тоже так хочу)
منتظر محمد عبدالرضا كريم
منتظر محمد عبدالرضا كريم 25 hari yang lalu
nice sleep
Rahman 25 hari yang lalu
rek nanaonan atuh mang, molor di leuweung
romi muñiz
romi muñiz 26 hari yang lalu
Alguien habla españoool!?
Pan Jurek
Pan Jurek 26 hari yang lalu
Jeg ved ikke, hvad der er mere snavset og mere beskidt - om du eller den skov, du efterlader
Ralphie 26 hari yang lalu
Making kindling for the wood stove, ends up with a spoon. Some people are just lucky I guess! I love these videos. Thank you for sharing them! Merry Christmas!
Gilmar Lacerda07
Gilmar Lacerda07 27 hari yang lalu
Ahmed adel
Ahmed adel 27 hari yang lalu
انا من مصر بتبعك من زمان 🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪
YTOZ 28 hari yang lalu
Uau mam is very very very amazing EU sóu br blz kkkk
Николай Чуенков
Николай Чуенков 29 hari yang lalu
Зачем он съел личинок, располагая запасами еды
Роман Калаш
Роман Калаш 29 hari yang lalu
А водочки под тушонку
Badlishah Shabudin
Badlishah Shabudin Bulan Yang lalu
I wish you could speak a little 😊
Drus Mel
Drus Mel Bulan Yang lalu
No usa ramas caídas, mata árboles buenos y nuevos
Gonzalo Caceres
Gonzalo Caceres Bulan Yang lalu
Al parecer, el señor macho necesita usar su hacha. Totalmente innecesario.
Валерий-муж Васильев
Валерий-муж Васильев Bulan Yang lalu
Austin Brown
Austin Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Not only is he like bear grills on crack. But he's an incredibly good film maker. The different camera angles all using one camera is impressive.
muhammad faris sulistio
muhammad faris sulistio Bulan Yang lalu
this man advance axe mastery level 99
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran Bulan Yang lalu
Watching from Pakistan. Brilliant bro. Keep it up 👍
Hello and happy holidays from Fox River Bushcraft-- Sir you are a master of your craft
Paul Hiebert
Paul Hiebert Bulan Yang lalu
I have now watched every single video by Bertram, probably half a dozen times and admire everything about him. The only moment I have ever been disappointed is in this video where he kills a perfectly happy little pine for his center pole. Why not a dead one? And if it must be live, why not one that's growing too close to another one instead of one that had lots of space and was destined to live a long life? Otherwise cannot fault a single thing from this deeply inspirational bush crafter. Ad I only make this comment for the sake of those who might watch and learn here. If you must take live trees for bushcraft, take the ones who wont live long because of poor rooting or too close to other trees. Everyone tries to copy Betram, and they all look silly in trying to duplicate is silent style for which is was the first, and truly the master and artist. I am hoping for a return to many more videos like in 2019. 2020 was hard to swallow with no Bertram.
Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미
Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미 Bulan Yang lalu
Ily & i love this 🤗✌ New sub~
Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미
Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미 Bulan Yang lalu
Amazing 👌👌
jose luis perez
jose luis perez Bulan Yang lalu
Estupendo video....
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Bulan Yang lalu
We will make gems later, Jill.
David M. Aguilera
David M. Aguilera Bulan Yang lalu
Why do you cut a young pine tree instead of picking up firewood from the ground? :( 03:03
Constyy Bulan Yang lalu
bro he used the tree for his Tent
Walter M
Walter M Bulan Yang lalu
Terrephilo Bulan Yang lalu
I love these videos for the silence, the natur and the survival feeling. But I also feel horrible every time he cuts down a living tree for something temporary. I understand alot of felling for permanent stuff and crafts. But cutting a young tree as a stick for a tent just feels so wasteful and sad. I get that there is a lot of wood and that he maybe dries the cut trees for later fire wood but still. It makes me sad.
Javier Trasancos
Javier Trasancos Bulan Yang lalu
I'm from Andalusia, I'm un shock because hoy are cutting young trees for Bushcraft
blipblip88 Bulan Yang lalu
...ever any problems with constipation?
Erfan Febrian
Erfan Febrian Bulan Yang lalu
this video is really cool. I hope I can also camp here from Kalimantan Indonesia
Mohamed El bahoua
Mohamed El bahoua Bulan Yang lalu
zaur mustafayev
zaur mustafayev Bulan Yang lalu
So good vision
Moto Jazda
Moto Jazda Bulan Yang lalu
magic medieval forest
Justin Fite
Justin Fite Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you for your hard work on your videos. Your videos really relax me, and teach me things. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.
panzerjäger Bulan Yang lalu
Wery nice work i admire your work and effort 👏
Alper Koçbıyık
Alper Koçbıyık Bulan Yang lalu
greenkiller out
Potato Bulan Yang lalu
Ah yes, the bushcraft bendy straw
KADDAN wasoouf
KADDAN wasoouf Bulan Yang lalu
I born i village thats skills in my blood
Vicky Vikneswaran
Vicky Vikneswaran Bulan Yang lalu
so relaxing
hfranke07 Bulan Yang lalu
I do not think at all that a Dane can live without rye bread, liver pate (leverpostej) and bacon. It is the cornerstone of a Danish meal. You must try to taste it. And especially hot liver pate. Mums.
Marco Ferrantino
Marco Ferrantino Bulan Yang lalu
Er ist wie ich 😉🐛👍
Надежда Кормщикова
Надежда Кормщикова Bulan Yang lalu
Мира ВСЕМ ! Добра .Радости ..и СПАСЕНИЯ. НАШИХ ДУШ...в наше непростое ВРЕМЯ , в котором мы живем ! ХРИСТОС да хранит нас ! И помилует нас ! Аминь.
Aden Pradana
Aden Pradana Bulan Yang lalu
Covid 19 2020.!!
ilk Er Tunga
ilk Er Tunga Bulan Yang lalu
Why did you cut the small sapling?
Alex Kirkpatrick
Alex Kirkpatrick Bulan Yang lalu
I literally just watched a man camp for one hour. COOL!
Fatih Outdoors
Fatih Outdoors Bulan Yang lalu
good job
CoreTeaSoul By Jovelyn Marco
CoreTeaSoul By Jovelyn Marco Bulan Yang lalu
Ohh my. Don’t leave your camera LOL!
CoreTeaSoul By Jovelyn Marco
CoreTeaSoul By Jovelyn Marco Bulan Yang lalu
Ohh my. Don’t leave your camera LOL!
Виталий Наумкин
Виталий Наумкин Bulan Yang lalu
Ну вот молча пришел, молча ушел. Не то что наши дрова потеряли, болотоход утопили, медведь лагерь разорил
Martin Almagro Mandado
Martin Almagro Mandado Bulan Yang lalu
Hi, Bertram. What kind of stove is that one??
alexitogr 2 bulan yang lalu
if you buy a tent pole you might save a tree every video.
Taner YILMAZ 2 bulan yang lalu
Yaşayan genç bir ağacı çadır kurmak için kesmek yaptığın işe aykırı bir durum. Kuru ve ölmüş bir ağaç ile bunu halledebilirdin. (translate my words from google translater)
William Smith
William Smith 2 bulan yang lalu
I miss him
Duke of Wales Elliott Le Balle
Duke of Wales Elliott Le Balle 2 bulan yang lalu
You guys have sunk it I'm going to have to get a lavu
UStoleMyNickUBstard 2 bulan yang lalu
NoCapClips 2 bulan yang lalu
Where is this?
Action Semir
Action Semir 2 bulan yang lalu
What kind of knife is that ?
Vári Gergő
Vári Gergő 2 bulan yang lalu
Hey, can u tell the exact type of your stove? I want that one roo!
Do Blang
Do Blang 2 bulan yang lalu
you know how to enjoy life :)
정루다엄마선영 2 bulan yang lalu
Luigi Avantario
Luigi Avantario 2 bulan yang lalu
Don't cut down trees !!!!!!!!
Kutel Kentu
Kutel Kentu 2 bulan yang lalu
Upload agin
Hejeldrummer 2 bulan yang lalu
"Yo This dude looks like a bum!" *Carries gear worth several thousand Euros around with him* 10/10 Video
luis llanos
luis llanos 2 bulan yang lalu
Is somebody filming you?.
Effect Free For U
Effect Free For U 2 bulan yang lalu
Ohhh fantastic
Lord Draq
Lord Draq 2 bulan yang lalu
Since you have ready food why did you eat worm like hungry😂
Алексей Можаев
Алексей Можаев 2 bulan yang lalu
Ложку он сам делает но при этом еду приносит с собой
Cameron Howard
Cameron Howard 2 bulan yang lalu
Ok, where can I find this type of tipi tent? All the smaller tipis I find are closed top but with a stove jack.
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